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i t ' s  a b o u t  t i m e  (c i t i e s  l a m e n t), 2019

single channel video, 10 mins, English

A theme of her novels is the correlation between contemporary British society and its individual members. Her characters' tragic faults reflect the political and economic situation and the restriction of conservative surroundings, making the reader aware of the dark spots of a seemingly wealthy country. Most of her protagonists are women.

It’s About Time (cities lament) is an ode to Margerate Drabble’s plea for 1960’s Britain to take a critical look at the development of civic society and the infamous portmanteau ‘common-wealth’. It is now 2019, and lament for the city is ongoing. This ten-minute-long video score is an amble through the rising valleys of psychological terra incognita on the precarious cartography that maps the local and the global, with ‘city planning’ at the helm of the ship flying the flags of insidious and alienating neo-conservatism. Building sites form potentially active and fertile posits within the rhetoric of the video, whilst the flow of a river forms the narrative apparatus to drive the score through enlightenment and paranoia.


A song in the middle of the video score is an ache, a wail, a cry to the city:

It's about time

it's about time

we remember

our sight cannot listen

It's about time

disavowal and denial 

reeking havoc

across the land

do you understand?


The audio-visual contract displays Drabble’s lament in contemporary Brexit Britain; It’s About Time asks the city to reveal itself as if it were embedded in a song from the Country music genre. Through the muck and the mire – through the crumbling domicile – through the dark spots - through the anxieties of the individuals who dwell in its crust – through the breathing patterns of a stream – and through poetical language, can we remedy our ache for/in the city?

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